Networks and Behavior

  • How does network structure impact behavior?

  • Simple infections, contagion - diffusion

  • Opinions are being formed, informations being processed - learning

    • How do people process information? How does information flow? What happens in terms of forming opinions?
  • Choices, decisions - games on networks

S-Shape Adoption

  • Diffusion over time and space

    • Griliches economic story: variation in cost effectiveness by geography
  • Initial adopters

    • Who are they? High degree? Innovators?
  • Increase in speed

    • Word of mouth, observations of neighbors
  • Eventual slowdown

    • Saturation


  • Extent of diffusion?

  • How does it depend on the particulars of the process as well as the network?

  • Time patterns? S-shape?

  • Welfare analysis?